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Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It encompasses savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands. It's also home to wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos. From Nairobi, the capital, safaris visit the Maasai Mara Reserve, known for its annual wildebeest migrations, and Amboseli National Park, offering views of Tanzania's 5,895m Mt. Kilimanjaro.



STEVE & RICHARD TOURS & SAFARIS create the best and amazing tour and safaris. We are specialized in KENYA, TANZANIA and UGANDA. We believe that travel is all about having an authentic experience and we at smile, travels go beyond booking and tours. we create the best traveling memory of life time and we completely understand this with on board team of professionals."


Samson’s Safaris is a Family Owned Tours and Travel Company that provides tailor made travel solutions to its clients from different parts of the world. We offer various travel packages ranging from Luxury Bush and Beach Safaris, Family & Group Tours & Individual Getaways. Other services include hotel bookings, air ticketing and executive car rental. On booking our Safaris, you will be escorted by a travel guides throughout your trip and they will ensure you get the very best experience personalized to your travel needs. 


We offer Visits to Magical Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Mauritius, Egypt and Israel among others.


We are Leading Expeditions- Africa holiday travel, an inbound and outbound safari holiday destination management entity, located in Africa, run by Africans, professionally run and fully recognized and registered as professionals. As a travel and tourism firm, we strongly believe in conservation of wildlife and sustainability of our ecosystems for a better tomorrow.

Our Offering
A leading inbound and outbound safari tour operator in Africa offering safari holiday tour packages. We have the reputation to plan and execute the best jungle safari, wildlife tours, honeymoon safari, beach tours, luxury camping, and luxury lodges safaris in Botswana and Africa as a whole. 

Other services
We offer best destination trips, incentive holidays and hotel accommodation bookings around Africa, and have been in the market since 2004. We take the discerning visitors to the exotic islands of Zanzibar, Seychelles, Mauritius and Maldives. Other services include jet hire, helicopter charters in Africa, limousines hired for functions, combined tours to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar plus an all round trips to best African reserves and wildlife parks, combined tours Zimbabwe South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. Gorilla trips and trekking to Rwanda and Uganda are a speciality. Get on a beach extension combined with a wildlife tour, carefully selected, to some of the most sought after African beaches like Zanzibar, Seychelles and Mauritius.

Kenya Holiday
Kenya is a top safari destination and is home to the big five. Start planning your Kenyan holiday here. The great wildlife migration happens from the month of July to September in the Maasai Mara Game reserve when the wild beasts cross the Mara river from the Serengeti in their thousands. This spectacle has been declared as one of the seven wonders of the world. Every single year, over two million wildebeest, zebras and other herbivores trek from the Serengeti Park to the lush greener grasses of the Masai Mara. The constant year-long migration is an iconic natural phenomenon, and has been christened, ' the biggest traveling road show on earth.' Come October, the rains begin to fall and by November the herds start heading back to the Serengeti. And so, the never-ending cycle of the great migration continues. The big five—buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino—are only part of the amazing, and often endangered, animals seen on safari. The cultures here are phenomenal. Get to experience other parks in Kenya like Mt Kenya, Aberdares, Lake Nakuru park, Samburu, Amboseli and Tsavo, where migrant wildlife exists all year around. Mt Kenya, one of the highest in Africa, is found in Kenya. Experience some of the cleanest and beautiful sandy beaches of Mombasa Malindi and Watamu with cultural interactions with the Swahili and Mijikenda people of the Kenyan coast. The beach experience can be combined with a spectacular safari for that ultimate holiday experience.

Please allow us to organize your African safari in Kenya to suit your needs and as you plan to visit, rest assured of great services from us - Leading Expeditions.



Fauna Safaris is Kenyan-based tours and travel company.


With us you are sure of unforgettable East Africa Safari experience in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda & most  spectacular Indian Oceans white beaches.  We know the  best tourist destinations and we will take you there , from the famous Masai  Mara, Serengeti National park, Zanzibar Beaches, Mauritius to the most beautiful cities in the world like Dubai, Bangkok, Istanbul, Capetown & much more.



Casolodge Travel and Safaris is a Travel and Tour Management company based in Nairobi Kenya We specialize in Air Ticketing both Domestic and International, Bush safaris, Beach safaris, cultural Safaris, Sports Safaris, Excursions, Hotel Bookings, Car Hire, Tour Packages, Sale of Travel Insurance, charter flights services ,Educational packages and Organizing conferences. We strive to offer a complete package to our customers to suite their variety and interests. These are offered by our pool of qualified and experienced staff. 

Our Destinations:  Our Destinations:  Kenya, East Africa(Tanzania Uganda and Rwanda),Egypt, South Africa and Indian Ocean Islands(Pemba, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Mauritius and Maldives). 

Why CTS? 

We are committed to providing the very best customer service during each step of your trip. From planning your sightseeing tour or your dream vacation, to helping you select the best tour package to suit your needs ,our experts are there to share their local knowledge and to insure that you have the best possible experience. On your trip, knowledgeable, licensed guides connect the history, geography and theology of the places you’ll be visiting - in a friendly and intimate atmosphere that we create for you. It’s important to us that each traveler receives personal attention and care from our local staff. Comfortable modern coaches transport you through expertly planned itineraries. Along the way you’ll sample delicious local cuisine. And of course, first class accommodations await you each evening. The combination of our extensive network, years of experience and talented associates makes it possible for CTS to deliver award winning tour packages at fantastic rates. 

What do we offer for group travel? 
 We work closely with tour leaders from all over the world to delivering complete tour packages that include: air transport, accommodations, ground transport, meals, sightseeing, top professional tour guides, coordination of events and special activities, coordination of conferences and conventions as well as educational package which are made as per the interest of the group.

What do we offer for individual travelers? 

Whether you travel alone or with your family and friends, Casolodge Travel and Safaris, offers dozens of tour itineraries. From private tours to weekly guided tours, you will find the most enjoyable and affordable way to travel. We do offer flight packages to some of our destinations as well. 

How are we different? 

We strive for excellence and professionalism in everything we do for our clients. Our staffs are the best in travel industry has to offer, and our top priority is to deliver the finest travel product. But as always, the best way to find out will be to ask one of the thousands people who has traveled with us. 


Casolodge Travel and Safaris staffs are certify International Air Transport Association (IATA) Diploma holder. All of our tours are covered by a professional liability policy, while on trip; we make sure all our clients have Travel Insurance cover. We require liability certificates of proper coverage from all of our various vendor. 


Safaris in East Africa/Air Tickets/Accommodation/Excursions/Beach Holidays/Car Hire/Transfers/Travel Insurance/Charter Flights/Hotel Bookings 


What we do – At Kenia, we excel at proving you with Kenya and Tanzania tour packages that provide you with life-enriching experiences. Our approach is different as we create a bespoke itinerary for our clients to suit their requirements.

We cater for both luxury and budget travel needs. If a client prefers to travel in groups, we can organise for an individual to join a group tour. Our expertise covers all logistics, transporta.


Our Story - Our director believes that you only truly know a place when you connect with someone local and that traveling is about people, not just places.tion, accommodation, guides, and insider access to unique experiences – as well as 24X7 support throughout your trip. Coming from an entrepreneurial background he was very busy and at the same time enjoyed travelling to explore new destinations. He searched, however, he did not find several travel specialists with expert destination knowledge and insider access to incredible experiences within Africa. his is the moment that he decided to begin his travel company by renting out vehicles to travellers seeking adventure experiences in Kenya and Tanzania. His motto about travels is that is must be all about discovering, knowledge and a personalized experience. Money is never his goal. hat’s why at Kenia weThis is our mission and daily focus. Each itinerary created has lots of thoughts put into it regarding our travellers’ requirements. With this reputation, we get several repeat clienteles. are committed to building a new way to travel and creating opportunities for people to really change their life. 


Go To Mount Kenya is a private company that organizes personalized treks to Mount Kenya. It supports guides and porters from Kenya and offers amazing adventures at competitive all-inclusive prices.


African Eagle specialises in travel across Africa. Our online Travel Specialists are available to offer quick expert travel advice about the best places to visit in Africa. Compose your exclusive tour by selecting from tailor-made self drive packages, hotels and guided tours and send us a quote request for South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Botswana,Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Cost, and even Mozambique. One of our professional tour planners will contact you to give you personalised advice and help you build your luxury African tour.


We are, a Kenya Tanzania Based Safari Outfitter, offering privately guided safaris, Birdwatching and Wildlife photography tours in East Africa. We proudly present a selection of exciting Birding safaris, Wildlife safaris, Photography safaris, Adventure tours and Camping safaris through the Eastern part of Africa ranging from 4 - 37 days, many of which can be combined with a relaxing interlude on the coast. Take an exotic safari through nature, and experience the privilege of being a part of it. Experience too, the different cultures of the local people, and realize how closely African cultures are connected to nature. Being Local and  Africans, we feel we are qualified to offer you the best Africa has to offer. Being situated locally means that our finger are placed firmly on the pulse of the continent and this ensures that the best possible options are selected for each and every tour. We are more than happy to tailor make your own personalized tour to meet your memorable safari holiday in Africa Most famous and origin safari destination.


NICE Safaris is an indigenous Community Based, owned and operated company registered in Kenya that has developed and sustained a niche in organizing Eco Travels among the Maasai and Samburu communities of Kenya. NICE is established based on the Maasai and Samburu cultural heritage, indigenous skills and knowledge that has established values and norms that takes care for and respects the nature, environment, wildlife and the whole ecosystems. The Maasai and Samburu have, over years, developed time –tested skills and knowledge that has helped them maintain a critical balance between their traditional lifestyles of keeping livestock, their rich and deep cultural heritage, the environment and the wildlife. They remain a pleasant and respectable people despite the odds and challenges. We understand the savannah, rangelands and much more we ensure that the Maasai and the Samburu, who have tirelessly contributed to the heritage, Nature and Wildlife Conservation in Kenya realize the broad range of benefits from tourism. NICE is specialized and skilled in organizing and facilitating study tours of any theme and subject. We have organized educational and study tours for students, human rights monitors and defenders, social justice activists, researchers, faith based organisations, media and development workers.


Motto Tours & Travel Ltd was established in 1989 as a licensed Tour and Travel Company by the Ministry of Tourism in Kenya. Since inception, our company has gained popularity in many overseas schools, travel agencies and organizations locally. We have maintained professional standards of service and safety while ever improving our services throughout East Africa. The company is based in Milimani area of Nairobi. Through our extensive knowledge of the industry and reliable service providers, we assure all our clients professional services throughout the trip. So, if you are looking for a truly memorable and unique travel experience, our agency will work with you to create a unique and enjoyable safari. We will passionately share with you the magic, warmth, and color of Kenya.


Book and Explore Remarkable Travel Safari Attraction In East Africa with Twinkle Star Tours & Safaris. We always provide quality tours & safaris at affordable prices, leaving you with memorable experience. Our Mission is “To offer clients personalized service, exemplified by courteous, professional actions while maintaining the highest standards of morals and ethics in the tourism industry”. 


Adventure Expeditions is a company founded on a passion for exclusive travel and a passion to bring magnificent experiences while travelling to Africa closer to you with a wide array of encounters with our outstanding wildlife and cultural experiences.We tailor-make itineraries to suit your exact requirements without leaving dents in your pockets coz travel is supposed to be fun. Our team of travel experts are always at hand to help you make the right choice when it comes to places you want to visit so that you have a holistic experience as you balance between culture, wildlife, local hospitality and best culinary arts on the planet. Our consultants have travelled far and wide and have exclusive knowledge of all their recommendations in terms of best hotels, lodges or camps that will suit you. We know all the travel secrets, hidden gems, pitfalls to watch out for and we can’t wait to share this experience with you. Find them in our blog.


Africa is our home and so we are passionate about the continent, its people, the wildlife, the great safari potential the continent projects and we try our best to put forward best practices to help uplift the lives of the communities that depend on Africa as well as leave a “Green” footprint behind. We're at your service.


Across The Wild Tours & safaris Limited is one of the leading Tour Operators in East Africa and safari packages providers.  Providing comprehensive services for groups and individuals from all over the world. Across The Wild was established in the year 2015 by qualified professionals with more than ten years of experience in the tourism industry and hospitality in general. Holding places, people and customs through professional guides, modern transportation, quality hotels, fine restaurants and other key vendors. We are a one stop destination where you find a full range of safari package options including Kenya &Tanzania luxury safaris, custom safaris, budget camping safaris, beach holidays, walking safaris, Mountain climbing in Kenya and Tanzania, family holiday safaris, hotel bookings, airport transfers and group holidays. We meet the diverse demands of all tourists. Give us an opportunity to organize your dream holiday and you will receive the best experience of a lifetime. Our specialized departments offer a diversity of services. Every staff works independently to provide the best service to our customers, targeting their friendship and a long lasting relationship. 


African Adventure specialists is a privately owned travel company founded more than eight years ago providing guests with high-quality, tailor-made luxury travels to Africa. At Africa Adventure specialists, we create unique and personalized travel experiences backed by an exceptional level of guest service. All our travels are managed by our own friendly and professional co-founders or by our certified partners who have been personally selected to ensure utmost attention to detail. While our current focus is on Eastern Africa covering destinations in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zanzibar, we will eventually offer tailor-made travel experiences to selected destinations across Africa. We are keen to sharing our passion for the many facets of this fascinating continent and strive to provide a truly hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience. By managing the entire process from the first interaction to the last farewell from Africa, we give our guests the freedom to create a journey of their own within the context of a flexible, quality-assured network of travel consultants, hospitality providers, 24x7 support, Tour leaders and driver guides who not only imbibe the personal needs and interests of our guests with authentic experiences, but also transforms the memory of this fascinating destination into one that they would live to cherish for their lifetimes.


Adventure Travel Kenya, we offer an array of budget and mid-range safari packages across Kenya that are suitable for small group tours, budget travelers and families alike. Our guides take you deep into some of the countries best National Parks on an immersive wilderness trip that showcases the best of Kenya’s landscape, wildlife and cultures. Are you ready to camp out under the stars and fall asleep to the sound of elephants rustling in the grass or bare witness to the great Wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara? If so then you’re ready for a Kenyan adventure!


Green Zones Safaris is both an American and East African based safari company that focuses on best and original itineraries, which promotes the region and its unique cultural and natural resources. With our extensive network of reliable best service providers in the tourism industry, we're able to offer a wide range of tours that suit all the needs of our clients to destinations throughout East Africa.


We specialize in mid-range to semi-luxury and deluxe luxury trips, both tailor-made and customized to meet the specific requirements of each individual client.



Established in 2004, We are a Tour Operator specializing in packed Tours and Safaris in Southern Africa. We cater for both FITs, small groups and Scheduled departures in Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique. We also have addon extensions into the Tropical Islands of Mauritius and Seychelles. Be it a 2 night Break away up to a 20 night multi country combo safari we are comfortable knitting practical suggestions for you. 


In addition, we offer accommodation, activities and Transfers bookings should you want to handle and book some segments of your trip.


Sterling Travel Ltd is a Kenyan owned business operated by an experienced travel guides, and with a license to operate internationally. Traveling to different parts of the world, visiting the most scenic places in the destination nations, and feeling the love of nature, is what we love to give our clients. An outdoor nature enthusiast, traveling has been a way of life, with bird-ringing, camping, adventure cycling and trekking as his activity hobbies. He established Venture Africa Budget safaris, that is an eco-friendly safari agency to continue with nature travels which caters for wildlife safaris, mobile camping, organized group travels, seniors, family vacations and school outdoor adventures.



Samson’s Safaris is a Tour and Travel company based in Nairobi Kenya. We offer safari packages, hotel bookings, air ticketing and transport in East Africa.Our guides are fluent in English, Spanish and French.  Information is empowering therefore we ensure that you are informed of all the logistical and socioeconomic concerns in order for you to experience your dream vacation at affordable rates.



One Horizon Africa is a unique organisation that involves travelers in its sustainable and life changing programs in Kenya.  Our customers experience the real Kenya.  One Horizon tours were recently inducted by the Kenyan Tourist Board into its Signature Experience Collection for 2020 – 21 which is an amazing achievement.  One Horizon tours combine the most exceptional, unique, and authentic travel experiences that travelers are ever likely to experience. The tours cover single day itineraries or multiple days from 2 to 6 days in what is called the ‘Connect with Kenya’ tour portfolio.  Off the beaten track, in unique locations in an around Nairobi which few tourists ever experience.



Virgin Limited Edition is Sir Richard Branson's collection of stunning retreats. We have a private island, mountain retreat, game reserve, lodge, tented camp, vineyard and luxury villas. Eclectic, yes, but all are unique and operate with the sole aim of creating amazing experiences. Virgin people are Virgin's greatest asset. That's why we believe in treating our people with respect, looking after them and allowing them the freedom to be themselves and flourish.




Having been highly qualified, trustworthy and vast experienced in the tourism industry, Mr. Enock K. Cheruiyot (Director) has driven this company to greater heights that have made visitors have trust with our exemplary service performance. Kencher Tours and Safaris is a privately owned company which has been in the the tourism business for close to four years now. We are happy to serve all kinds of visitors both domestic and international and we look forward to giving you much better service putting in mind; our visitors budget for safaris, best time to visit certain places, quality service, real time communication and above all ensure that all our visitors have a memorable experience in Kenya.



To engage with our guests and exceed their expectations, by providing them with unforgettable wildlife safari experience, adventure, excursions and beach experience while conserving the environment in Kenya and Tanzania. Kenya Tru – nomads will introduce you to the thrilling pleasures of some of the world’s most magnificent wildlife spectacles, white sandy beaches pampered in luxury, but in tune with the simple rhythms of life. With a wide array of selected safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, we assure you an unforgettable African Hospitality right at the Coastal beaches of Mombasa to the wild bush experience inside the parks.




Pollman’s Tours & Safaris is among Kenya’s oldest and most respected tour companies. Founded in the 1950s by Karl Pollman, Pollman’s Tours & Safaris has grown to more become an industry leader with more than 200 late model vehicles meeting the needs of a variety of group and individual clients and custom designed for the roads of Kenya.



Great safaris begin with a great choice. We believe in East Africa and Africa at large, as the home of safaris. Its landscape imprints beauty and wonder. The land of the big 5 and its adventuring activities keep you coming back for more. What we do is completely different. At KETS we have a great team just for you. A team that wishes you nothing but the best safaris and holidays in Kenya and Africa at large. A team with great listening skills, who listen carefully and integrate your objectives, interests, ideas, taste of luxury and mid-range budget with a commitment to quality safari package.



Started in 2012, Dancom Tours has distinguished itself among many seeking Kenya and Tanzania Safaris. We offer adventures worth the while maintaining high standards of clients expectations. This has helped us remain above the cutting edge. We are destination experts in Kenya and Tanzania, and we offer Bush and Beach Safaris, Mountain Climbing, Honeymoon Packages, Walking Safaris among many others. Our range of Safaris range from Budget, Standard, Luxury to High End Luxury as well as group joining safaris / Shared Safaris. Our experienced guides are on call to give you a worthwhile experience. For Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Uganda Safaris don’t hesitate to call on us.



Our Safari Drivers/Guides

The success of any safari depends on how efficient the guide is. In this respect the greatest care is taken in selecting responsible, qualified guides who are capable of providing a cheerful, caring and attentive service to our clients. All our safari driver guides are professionally trained qualified and have extensive knowledge of the country, her people, culture, wildlife and parks. Denhum Holidays dedicated Client Service Representatives meet each and every arriving guest at International airports for briefing and answer any question to help feel at home away from home. Our travel professional is at hand to facilitate seamless arrival and departure formalities as well as to ensure that your onward flight reservations are in order. We make sure all your needs and concerns are addressed in advance during the booking, confirmation and re-confirmation stages prior to your arrival.Our extensive fleet, consist of custom-built and specially modified safari mini buses and wheel drive safari Land Cruiser on all our safari with choice being yours on which type you want to use depending with your budget. All vehicles have sliding widows, roof hatches and high ground clearance to optimize all around visibility for game viewing and photography. Each vehicle is equipment with an HF radio set, giving round-the clock communication with our office.

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